For Maria



10 thoughts on “For Maria

  1. Ah! Isobel: this attitude reminds me of Tiu being ready for a good long tummy stroke !!! Thank you, thnk you!
    Did you give him a long one? Did he roll on his back completely abandoned?
    Ah, those moments that make you smile through your tears and keep your heart opened to life … !
    May I stroke your tummy for a second?

    • He is a great one for sleeping on his back in a quite abandoned pose. He also loves having his tummy rubbed, so when you meet him, be ready, once he accepts you, for lots of cuddles.

      • Oh, yes, Isobel! My English is worn out : I meant seeing you again soon!
        And, my God, isn’t yours a very good memory? Yes, it’s a long time now since we became friends for life: I thank you for your humourous and sensitive friendship, Isobel!

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