Me and My Mum

I have been sorting through photos today, scanning them and sending them to Nephew who is doing the Order of Service. We have settled on the music, the order of things, who is making tributes. The tea and sandwiches venue is turning into a bit of a problem. Now I am on my way to bed, this photo is playing before my eyes. I love the way Mother, who had a love for donkeys, is encouraging me. Her smile is for the animals, but she is right behind me. I think it’s Portrush, though it might be Portstewart; Co Antrim anyway. A long time ago.

Me and My Mum, With Donkeys

Me and My Mum, With Donkeys

She is wearing my favourite of her dresses. I am wearing a gingham skirt she made and which I tore the first day I wore it, climbing over the fence. My cardigan was knitted by Miss Kennard, an old lady my mother nursed. Mother paid her to knit us lots of cardigans. Mother’s cardigan is shop bought. Look at Mother’s smile. Isn’t she lovely?


39 thoughts on “Me and My Mum

  1. She looks wonderful and so very distinguished!! I’m so glad that you are blogging through this time in your life. I’ve been touched by your posts! You were absolutely adorable as a child.

    • I think she looks very happy. I am also struck by what she is wearing for a visit to the seaside! Not what I would wear. Mother was always much more careful aboiut her appearance than I have ever been. 🙂

  2. You both look completely gorgeous.(And so do the dear donks!) I think people dressed up even for the beach years ago – as you say, not as we’ve ever done. She does look happy. And so do you. It’s a lovely photo.

  3. Yes!! That’s a most beautiful natural image – captures the moment perfectly. 🙂 I had a thing about donkeys too. Still have to go and say ‘hello.’

  4. What a lovely, beautiful woman. And it is evident that there is love between you – you look very comfortable together. This is a photo to cherish.

        • I am fairly sure it was Portrush. when I was little that’s where we went. Portstewart was for the old folk! I think it has all changed now.
          Cousin has a brilliant story about her brother, now the minister of the church where you have coffee, digging a trench behind his father’s car when it was parked on the sand. Poor Uncle Tommy reversed into the trench when it was time to leave. Not a happy moment. 🙂

  5. What a lovely photo of two girls at the beach……your mother has a gorgeous smile. Love the header photo too – this is what I adore about photography – little bubbles of time capturing special moments and I’m so happy you have lots of those to keep you company now. I’m sure the service will be really special Isobel.


  6. A lovely photo….so glad you have such happy times to remember and cherish.
    Hope everything will work out so you won’t have more worries!

  7. Yes, Isobel, she is lovely and caring. This is exactly what I have felt when I have seen the picture. And I have told myself “Oooh: how beautiful she was!”

    • Nephew and I were talking on the phone earlier, both of us looking a photo of mother with her three sisters. “She is the best looking, isn’t she?” I said. “Of course,” he answered. 🙂

  8. Look at those ears. The donkeys liked you, or perhaps you gave them something nice to eat. I’m delighted and touched to see this photo, Isobel. Your Mother looks beautiful and kind. Makes me smile to see you together.

    • I don’t remember, but my hands look very close to their mouths! We are including this one and several others of her with animals in the order of service.

  9. I’m glad, Isobel.. I’m also glad you shared this photo. It’s absolutely lovely and special to see your Mother in the prime of her life.

    • The two charities we asking for donations to, rather than flowers, are The Reader Organisation, and Pets as Therapy. Lorely wrote on her page that if there are no animals in heaven she doesn’t want to go there. I agree. And I want to see a greater understanding of the importance of our relationships with animals whether as pets, farm animals or wild animals.

  10. “Lorely wrote on her page that if there are no animals in heaven she doesn’t want to go there.”

    I have always felt that way, and agree absolutely with your last sentence.

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