A Cat of Kent, or a Kentish Cat?

Remember this boy?



MasterB’s bookend.
Up Close and Personal

Up Close and Personal

Just three weeks after capture and castration, he has a family coming to see him this week at the cattery. They live in Kent, but I don’t know which side of the Medway, so if they click – and please keep your fingers crossed that this is the right family for Ginger – he should go from being a stray on the street to a Cat of Kent or a Kentish Cat.
Sweet Ginger

Sweet Ginger

Becasue of the proximity of his capture to her final illness, Ginger’s fate has become in some way bound in my mind with Mother. Wouldn’t it be brilliant, if even as we grieve at her funeral, he steps into a new life as the loved cat in a comfortable home. I expect they’ll change his name, so I shall share it here now. Let’s hear it loud and proud for Odysseus Ginger Biscuit.

I love a happy ending.

26 thoughts on “A Cat of Kent, or a Kentish Cat?

    • You probably guessed he got Odysseus because he is a wanderer. Though I hope his wandering days are over. Ginger because of his colour, and Biscuit for fun as he is so very serious. However, I had another message earlier to say that he had eaten the contents of a sachet in seconds, and he does like his biscuits very much.

      • 🙂 I like my biscuits, too. Especially the digestives. I’ve seen similar here in the states but not honest-to-goodness digestives. And then there are the caramel and chocolate – can’t get enough of them.

        • 🙂 I am not eating biscuits at the moment. The skirt I want to wear on Wednesday is a bit tight. Mother used to like it when I was thin. So it seems appropriate I lose some pounds for her!

  1. What a lovely name for that cute ginger guy – I’m so happy to hear he has a “maybe” family in his future. He deserves it as his life was rough certainly until he found your back yard and you saw to it he got the care he needed. I think you and MasterB will miss him.


    • I am wondering if it is the sad face he is trading on for extra treats. Apparently he ‘cons’ the cattery staff into giving him more food. But I don’t know how.

    • He has, hasn’t he? It makes me want to tell him everything is alright, that he is beautiful and good, and it is fine he is eating all the biscuits. Am I being manipulated by a pretty ginger face?

      • He’s have the same effect on me. I think connections like these do not happen by accident. He is here with you, now, for a good reason. May his family turn out to be a perfect match.

        • I like to think Mother is looking down, realising the RSPCA and Dogs’ Trust, among others, are going to miss her financial contributions, and thinking, “Hmm, surely I can do something for this cat.” Maybe you get a couple of special wishes to grant once you get to heaven. 🙂

  2. So hoping the Ginger-boy finds a forever home…he definitely deserves loves and treats for the rest of his life.
    Thinking of you and your Mom on our Mother’s Day here in the U.S.

    • It seems the family has seen him. Now to see if they are willing to give him a chance. Fingers crossed. I had forgotten it was Mother’s day across the pond. Ours is in March.
      Happy Mother’s day to all american mums.

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