A Good Day

Aunt Margaret, Mum and Snibby

Aunt Margaret, Mum and Snibby

A good day. I wrote my tribute to Mother last night. I thought it would make me feel better to have it written, but I kept waking in the night worrying about it. Was it a proper tribute? Did it convey what she was like? What had I forgotten that should have been included?
The anxwer to that last question hit me at four in the morning; baking. Mother never rated herself as a cook (I’d disagree), but she was a great baker of cakes, biscuits and puddings. Her fruit cake was famous in several countries. It was something she would give me when I was going away from home, so travelled to France, was sampled in southern Italy and in the US. I am not a great fan of fruit cake, but Mother’s was the exception. Always baked in a tin with a hole in the centre so it was easy to slice. I don’t know when she baked her last one. I have been trying to remember when she stopped baking, but I have failed.

I met my friend Octavia, and we walked up to the Thames where I gave back various things I have found on the foreshore to the river. Octavia read through my tribute, pointed out the places where it needed clarification, and gave it her approval.
Did it, I wanted to know, give a picture of Mother? She reassured me that it did.
We had a drink, well actually two drinks, at the pub, and talked about lots of things, but mainly death and grief. She loved the Debi Gliori poem I am reading at the funeral. Tonight I ordered a copy of it from AbeBooks for her. We talked about the healing power of reading; the healing power of writing; poetry as a way of expressing and communicating. Animals.
Tomorrow I go to one of my work places. I am anxious about it, but with today’s conversations behind me, I hope I am in a good place and shall cope with however it goes.


22 thoughts on “A Good Day

  1. Good luck at work, Isobel. It would have been good of your employers to offer you a little time out,in the circumstances… but work is a good distraction too.

  2. Don’t doubt your ability to “cope” Isobel…..you are doing that quite royally now…..take “baby steps” would be my advice. Love the photo – two pretty ladies. I’m sure your tribute to your Mother is perfect – as was her fruit cake! 😀

    Hugs, Pam

  3. I wish everything goes smoothly at work. I am sure you can cope and you will most probaly feel your colleagues sympathy. I am sure, as well your tribute to your Mother is really depicting her and is doing so very lovingly.
    I love the picture you’ve posted. I can see your glance through her eyes.

  4. I hope all has gone well at work this morning Isobel. That really is a wonderful picture. They are both very pretty and I love their smiles. I had an Aunt Margaret, she was a character! I KNOW your tribute will be perfect.

  5. Hope going back to work isn’t too difficult…But I so know the feeling. I’m sure your tribute will be wonderful, full of the love and admiration you have for your Mum!
    My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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