Another Day Ends

My cardigan is debobbled. The Order of Service is ready for printing. Odysseus Ginger Biscuit has been offered a home in Kent. I have been to work. The washing machine cannot be repaired. Another day ends. My camera has not been getting much use, but these few pictures are from the marina and the river. Later this week, I shall go for a walk and start to look at the world again.


14 thoughts on “Another Day Ends

  1. Life is just so full of life that it’s not to be denied, no matter the big things hitting us.

    Isobel, should I feel happy that your “cardigan is debobbled”??!! This American has no clue what that could mean!

    Hi MasterB! And happy happy for Ody of Kent!

    • What do you call those things that you can use to shave the bobbles off your jumpers? Mine is called a Bobble Off, but I am guessing that may not help you much.

      • oh! I don’t know exactly–it always made me laugh, but I think here we call them sweater shavers. The bits to shave off, I think we call them pills, those little bits of fabric that have made themselves into molehills.

        Enough erudition for one day, Isobel. <{:-O

  2. Life can be so very ordinary even in the midst of extraordinary circumstances. It sounds like you are moving forward slowly – as is the way we cope. I do hope Ginger gets that home in Kent and becomes the king of the castle there just as MasterB “thinks” he is there. Meanwhile I continue to send thoughts your way…..and a hug if you need it.


  3. Top middle picture of MasterB makes me smile! Love the view from his perspective. And seeing him on his back legs stretching for a look is fun too. So very happy for Odysseus Ginger Biscuit!!!!

  4. Life does go on even when it seems that our world is turned upside-down. So hoping that the Ginger finds a loving home in Kent! Sending loving thoughts to you.

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