Watershed Photos



When my dad died I couldn’t read or take photographs. I am experiencing the same problem now. But today I hyave had a breakthrough. This Iris in the garden was so stunning I had to get my camera and photograph it. It may not be the best photo, but it is an important watershed.
So still with camera in hand, I took a few pix of flowers in our garden.



Iris Bud

White Rose

21 thoughts on “Watershed Photos

  1. I so enjoyed all the pictures….but especially the one of the bearded iris…my mother loved them. She and 3 of her sisters traded ‘bulbs’ whenever they thinned their flower gardens. She had so many of all different colors…a lovely, bitter-sweet memory. And pictures of MasterB are always welcome.
    Are things settling down for you just a little?

    • The iris is so lovely against the old wall I think. I don’t know about settloing down, but I suppose that now the funeral is over, some pressure is off. At some point the paperwork will need attending to. I hope it is straightforward.

  2. I see a bit of Bleeding Heart flower and am thinking of you as you travel this difficult road. Be gentle with yourself. Extreme self care. Your photographs are poignantly beautiful.

    • We have lots of bleeding heart in the garden, all pink, I like the white too, so maybe i’ll look for some for next year. trhansk for your good wishes. I have had a very easy, lazy day today and feel better for it.

  3. Beautiful flowers. Stunning rose, and the iris is just lovely. I’m glad their beauty coaxed your camera out. Hope you are ok, although I expect there are, and will be, good days and bad days. Thinking of you.

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