Lazy Sunday

I have had a wonderfully lazy day. It was just what I needed. Rest, relaxation and abandonment of chores. At the end of the afternoon I took my camera and went out for a walk, meeting, by chance, first a very friendly black and white cat, then my good neighbour Carol and her dog Rosie.

Rosie always reminds me of the Babycham chamois. She’s a great little dog. MasterB had slept the afternoon away, but woke up when I came home and has relocated to the garden for the evening. I am planning another early night, so I hope he is climbing trees and racing about and will not be disappointed when I make him come inside.

19 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday

  1. Sounds like just the right kind of day for you Isobel……friends, flowers, relaxing – you needed to catch up and I guess MasterB did as well. The flowers are really beautiful – and Rosie’s pretty darn cute too!


  2. What a wonderful day. Rosie has the sweetest face. Did MasterB give you any problems last night? Att was loving the balcony last night.

  3. Thanks for the pictures…Rosie is a cutie…Hope MasterB worked off the energy early so you could get to bed!

  4. Sounds lovely, Isobel. Good for you, having a slooow day. Gorgeous flowers. Your clematis reminded me I no longer have any! Must do something about that. 🙂

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