A New Kitchen Goddess

My lovely lazy day did not, alas, result in a good night’s sleep. My dreams were troubled and I heard Big Ben strike three, then the quarters round to four. So I am bit heavy eyed today, and planning a very early night. Normally at this time of year that would seem a complete waste of a light evening, but today the sun has struggled to make itself felt through dull cloud. Global warming again resulting in our spring being lacklustre.
I have a double reason for wanting sunshine over the rest of the week. My new washing machine arrives tomorrow sometime between two and nine pm. When I got home two weeks ago after Mother died, my current machine achieved one reluctant wash. An engineer came to look at it a week later and declared it defunct. My neighbour Carol has kindly been letting me use her machine, but I am looking forward to have my own again, and to drying the laundry on the line outside. I have far too much for it all to fit on the ceiling airer. My last two machines were washer driers, but I seldom used the driers. Maybe half a dozen times, so this time the budget has been for a washer only, and I have gone for a Miele. Are you impressed? Surprised? I am. Coo get me; buying the Rolls Royce of home laundry machines. I had been advised, by the engineer, to get a German made Bosch, or a Miele if I could afford it. A trawl through the reviews decided me that a Miele was worth years of lentil eating. I like lentils so I’d be eating them anyway. Frugality has its advantages, as does a vegetarian diet.
The woman at John Lewis was very helpful. And a little envious. She even admitted to a sneaking hope that her machine would break so she could get a Miele.
When I was a teenager I could not understand my parents’ excitement at new household appliances. My years as a student, waiting in laundrettes and using inefficient fridges, changed my attitudes to some degree. But it is only now that I can empathise thoroughly with how they felt.
Move over Nigella. I am ready to be the new kitchen goddess.
Though I expect she has her washing machine in a utility room. Oh well.

10 thoughts on “A New Kitchen Goddess

  1. Being excited about getting a nice new appliance is very exciting. I think it means we are all grown up. Well almost, anyway. 🙂

  2. I’m not sure I get very excited about household appliances, but I have been very pleased with my Bosch washing machine (10 years old and no problems – touch wood) and German cars. Wouldn’t really consider anything else.

  3. I love that you call it the Rolls Royce of washing machines. When we were in Malaysia our friend wanted a posh rice cooker and kept calling it the Rolls Royce of rice cookers. i don’t know at what age I started thinking of appliances and such, but I’m with you. It is exciting. And we air dry most of our clothes as well.

    • At the moment it is the non-washing machine, but I am hoping that will soon be fixed.
      I have bought washer driers for the convenience, but it is a convenience I don’t use, so seems a bit pointless. I love my ceiling airer, and the washing line is even better. 🙂

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