Washed Up

So there I was, a hurried lunch eaten and washed up, settling to my list of chores while I waited for the arrival of the wonderful washing machine. I checked my emails. The first, which I shall keep for the moment made me smile rather mistily. I shall come back to it. The second was from the supplier of the washing machine to tell me delivery was cancelled.
My credit card people had queried the sale. I knew this already. They had checked with me. They had alerted the supplier. The supplier, despite the fact that I placed my order by ‘phone, says an email was sent to me a week ago asking for confirmation of my order. That email did not arrive. Had notice of the cancellation been received earlier I might have been able to still get my machine today.
I was not happy. I called the supplier. I have to reorder. On my order, which has to wait until tomorrow as I am told I can ask for forty-eight hour express delivery and I can’t avail myself of it until Friday, in bold capital letters, will be instructions to call me, not email me, if there is any further query.
What really annoys me is that I could have been nicer to the man on the ‘phone. Anyway.
The first email was from the cattery and contained a short message and two pictures. Behold here Odysseus, now renamed George, getting to grips with his new environment.

George at Home

George at Home

A Comfortable Boy

A Comfortable Boy

The message says he hid behind the sofa for a couple of days, but is allowing his new family to stroke him. Early days, but hopeful ones. It is four weeks tonight since I scruffed him and he started this journey from street cat to homed cat. I think he has done very well. In fact, I’m very proud of him. I’m sure it’ll take him quite a while to be completely settled, but it looks to me as though he has made a very good start. Maybe I can learn from his example and be more forgiving about the non arrival of my washing machine.

22 thoughts on “Washed Up

  1. Aww, George looks like one cool cat! Well done, Isobel 🙂

    Don’t stress about the washer. Take a leaf from Master B’s book and chill :-)))

    • Doesn’t he look good? His coat is already so much better than it was. I do hope this home works out for him and he becomes a relaxed, confident cat. It sounds as though they are ready to give him time and space.
      I am cross with myself that I wasn’t nicer to the man on the ‘phone – then I look at the mountain of washing i have to do and have some sympathy with myself!
      MasterB is very chilled having spent half the day outside. He is catching up on z-z-zs on my bed.

  2. Congratulations on the successful homing of George. He looks simply gorgeous and it takes weeks for cats to settle in, so no rush required. Fabulous story.
    With regards to the washing machine, however, I would not go for patience. No, no – not me. If I’m paying for such a wonderful thing, I want it now! Hmm, maybe I should learn a bit more from my cats 🙂

    • 🙂
      I didn’t rehome him, the cattery did. One of their helpers took a shine to him and told the family who has adopted him about him. He must be reeling from all the changes in his life.

  3. George looks great Isobel! He’s come a LONG way in a short while thanks to you and the cattery. No doubt it’s a big adjustment for him being in a new place with new people after being free to roam for so long but he looks happy – very healthy – and rather laid back – that’s just wonderful. I’m so glad…………sorry about the delay in getting your new washer – I just HATE when I look forward to something and have been told to expect it and it doesn’t “happen”.


    • Doesn’t he just Pam! He scrubs up very well. It must be very confusing for him. I do hope that he settles well and that there are regular photographic updates. As I think I said before, his rescue coinciding with Mum’s final illness, his fate has in my mind become bound with her.
      I am longing for my my new washing machine!!!!

    • I think they are keeping him for a month. By the end of that time I hope he has his paws well and truly under the table and is happily adjusting to family life. Is it my imagination, or does he look less sad than before?

  4. I once adopted a stray cat from a shelter who hid in my underwear drawer for two days before he decided to join the family. He was a wonderful cat–didn’t like a lot of attention, but he talked to me all of the time and I was happy with that. I have a good feeling about George and he does look comfortable. Sorry to hear about the machine. It’s hard not to get upset over silly mistakes.

  5. The good news about ‘George’ makes up for the delay in the washing machiine…ALMOST! It is irritating when companies can’t get their act together.

  6. HooRay for George!!!! YES! He definitely looks less sad. Good job Isobel. If you hadn’t cared enough to scruff him he wouldn’t be in his new home. Fingers crossed all goes well.. 🙂 Sorry about your washing machine not being delivered.

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