Weekly Photo Challenge: In the Background

If you follow my blog regularly, this’ll probably make sense. If you don’t, let me explain. This is a photograph of my mother. She is very young. Not yet twenty I’d guess.
She is working as an assistant nurse, or whatever title they were given then, at Forster Green Hospital just outside Belfast. While there she witnessed the Belfast Blitz. She said that the matron had called her to go up onto the roof so that they could deal with fire damage. Mother was none too keen.
Young Anne
Nursing became her career. It was a vocation, though originally she wanted to be a missionary.
Obviously I didn’t take this picture. I don’t know who did. I don’t have the original, it’s in Canada. My mother died just under four weeks ago. This picture is the one Nephew most wanted in the order of service.
She is not the person we knew, but we recognise her. She was the background to our lives.

26 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: In the Background

  1. How very interesting (and forgive me for finding your other place of Blog) that she is “not the person you knew.” At the time of this photo she was not yet the person who knew you. I love those moments – I cannot get enough of my own mother talking about the days before she made the decisions that led to her life as I know it. So much promise and opportunity – and so many moments that she took a turn that I would not have taken in her place.

    I just wanted to say how touched I was with your recent posts. Having just spent a lovely week with my own mother (now 87 and kicking), I am aware of how precious these times are and how much dignity and grace your mom and you had in her passing.

    • Hello! you get this week’s Miss Marple award. Those stories are fascinating, I agree. It was a girl who worked along side Mother at Forster Green who persuaded her to come to England to Birmingham to take the entrance exams to train as a nurse. The other girl, name long since lost, failed the exams and appeared no more in Mother’s narrative.
      I am glad you are enjoying your mother still and that is she is enjoying you.
      Thanks for your kind words.

  2. what a lovely tribute to your mother – the background of your lives. my mom is 87 and living independently, and it is a blessing to have her around. i would say this description fits her as well. thank you for sharing.

    • Maybe we appreciate them more as they age, knowing that there will not be too many more years. When Cat got to fifteen, people kept warning me he could die soon. I watched his health like a hawk.

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