Big MasterB

MasterB went to the vet last week for his annual check up. He also had a hole in his chin I wanted the vet to see. I don’t know if he recognised the street when I parked the car, but he was fantastically vocal as I carried him there, and quite the noisiest pet in the waiting area.
His vet was on holiday, so he saw the locum. Annual vaccinations were administered and his chin checked out. He got a shot of antibiotic too. The scales revealed he has put on nearly a kilo in a year. It has to go. I wouldn’t say he is a greedy cat at all, but maybe I am too generous with the biscuits.

In the Garden With Toy

In the Garden With Toy

Or rather I was. MasterB is getting used to the meanest amount of biscuits in his bowl, and I am being strict with his wetfood too. I am hoping that these measures, combined with al the running and jumping about in the garden he’s doing are going to return him to his former svelte state.
It seems to be making him tired anyway. He’s asleep beside me now, lying on his back, and very comfortable.


Nowe I just need to exercise some self-control myself and shed some pounds alongside him.


30 thoughts on “Big MasterB

  1. Big yawn!

    My three seem to have put themselves on a summer diet of their own accord and are turning their noses up at virtually all food.

    It isn’t a problem for Bertha and Doodles but Mackenzie looks scrawny. At least MasterB isn’t an 8kg boy like the cat owned by one of my friends 😀

  2. Great photos Isobel! I need to lose a few kilos too, how are you going about it? I’ve just rediscovered some exercise videos – we’ll see how long that lasts.

  3. Atticus recently lost some weight and now the vet doesn’t give me that look after weighing him. Good luck! It’s hard not to spoil them.

    • The vet’s previous cat was overweight and would decamp to neighbours if she put him on a diet, so it was hard for her to be strict about chubby cats. But MasterB’s new chunky look doesn’t suit him and I want the weight off before it affects his joints.

  4. I’m lucky in that my cat seems to regulate her own weight. She’s 10 yrs old and has weighed, within a couple of ounces, the same since she’s been a grown-up kitty. Don’t know how she does it since it’s so hard for me to regulate my own weight!

    • There is that possibility too. I hope he isn’t. That’d make it much trickier. Bond has surely just kitten fat. He’ll be a lean leggy pre-adolescent any day now. Anyway, I’m off to bake a cake.

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