New Vocabulary and Lost Collars

Probate has entered my vocabulary, so has Letter of Renunciation. I’m getting to grips with bequests and legacies. Yes, I am making a start on the paperwork to do with Mother’s will. It was the arrival of the undertakers’ invoice on Saturday that made me cancel plans to go to das Boot and instead face this new challenge.
It turns out that the will I have a copy of is out of date. So is the address for the solicitor. By afternoon I was talking to the right person and popping a copy of Mother’s death certificate in the post. The Probate Office was very helpful advising me that if Mother’s will is straightforward, and it seems to be, we should ask the solicitors to renounce their position as executors and apply for probate ourselves. If my sister agrees, that’s what we’ll do. We would have to supply the information the solicitors need for the forms, so it is not as though it represents much more work than we’d have to do anyway. Even the solicitor I spoke to agreed it would make more sense for us to do it. We’ll have to pay for the letter, but it’ll be less than the fees.

The death certificate is clocking up the miles. Earlier I took it to the bank together with the invoice so that funds will be released. The girl who saw me lost her grandfather in February and was saying how some days she had felt incapable of doing her job.
Mother has a large accrued debt for care to pay to the council. I rang to say she had died and to find out if we might be able to pay off the debt in instalments using the rent from her house. It sounded promising, but we shall see.
It rained quite heavily at times today. Amazing. We have had three dry and sunny days over the weekend and Whit Bank Holiday. Usually the words Bank Holiday, like Wimbledon and Diamond Jubilee are all it takes for icy winds to blow and clouds heavy with rain to gather. Last night I thought the garden needed watering. Thanks rain.
MasterB has lost his second collar this week and it’s only Tuesday.


12 thoughts on “New Vocabulary and Lost Collars

  1. Is this the world we’re entering of people spending all their savings (and home values) in the care they need old age? It’s talked about on the news as if it’s a new thing, or are they trying to get put into law about it and selling houses? So confusing to me. Glad you’re on top with the “paperwork” and the process. That sort of thing would swamp me.

    • I am not sure I am on top, but I was given a very useful booklet called “What to do when someone dies” by the registrar and am just following it. Yes, this is exactly that scenario. My parents scrimped and saved to buy the house, we had Saturday jobs and holiday jobs as soon as we were old enough. We didn’t go on holiday, had few new clothes. In some ways, it seems very unfair, and I wish my parents had had the holiday in Canada they dreamed of. Actually, I wish we had had more family holidays too, and new clothes! I don’t know what the solution is. In a society that sees property as an investment we think we are making us and ours secure, only to see it taken away. Care home fees are extortionate, run by private firms, paying the carers peanuts. I don’t think Mother owes anything there as her fees were covered by NHS continuing care. At least I ope they continued to be. Certainly I have had no notification that that has changed.

  2. Oh the new vocabulary–we started learning it all last June. I sure hope it all goes well. we are still dealing with ours since there are complications–a messy divorce that was never finalized and no will.

    Glad to hear you found one of the collars. We stopped putting them on Att–he never could keep one on.

    • I shall hope for the best and no nasty surprises.
      Cat never wore a collar in London, only on das Boot, but I have got used to hearing MasterB jingling, and his bells mean he shouldn’t be able to climb through anyone’s window without their knowledge.

  3. Good luck with the quagmire of probate and wills, etc. Fortunately for us both of my parents had straight-forward and uncomplicated wills – copies of death certificates took care of everything and WE handled it without attorneys getting involved. Dealing with this stuff at a time when we’re still reeling from loss seems like adding insult to injury but it’s also a good feeling to be moving through it and into the light beyond. Poor MasterB and his collars – he’s developing quite a knack for losing them!


    • Thanks Pam. I am glad I have started, but it already seems more complex that it did yesterday morning. I think a spreadsheet would be a good idea, and the inevitable lists.
      As the shrubs and trees grow, there are more places for a collar to snag. He wears quick release ones so that he doesn’t get caught. I have given up buying expensive ones!

  4. Does MasterB work at the art of losing his collars you think?
    I was an only and my Dad preceded my Mom in death and I was on all of Mom’s assets so it all went well except for one Dr. that would not accept what her insurance was willing to allow. I rather disliked that Dr. from the start. May it all go smooth for you Isobel.

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