Warm Your Heart

Looks like I am years behind the crowd, as I have only just discovered the joys of Matt.

Somehow his approach seems far more effective than many more high profile ones to encourage mutual respect and underastanding between cultures.


29 thoughts on “Warm Your Heart

  1. Not familiar with Matt but what a happy and heart-warming video……no you and Pix aren’t the only ones…..I’d never heard of him either but glad I have now thanks to you Isobel!


  2. I’ve not seen this one. They have become more elaborate as time has gone on. Have you seen the presentation he gave that goes with the original? Worth watching if you haven’t

  3. The role of the arts in promoting social change? This is my other life. Thanks for sharing – I had not seen it since I live in a cave most of the time. And now I will return to your other life blog.

    • Absolutely. Did you visit the South Bank last summer? They had a Festival of the World and lots of banners about art changing lives. I believe it is true. 🙂

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