Tulips in June

Crazy, tulips in June. Spring came so late it slammed into summer and all sorts of flowers bloomed together that should have been weeks apart.
But I think these are the last of tulips until 2014.

I photographed them when they were fresh, again as they opened, and finally this morning as they reached the end of their brief lives. Cut flowers are an extravagance. I prefer to buy British grown ones to save the air miles, but I don’t always stick to my principles.
In the garden the roses are coming into their own, the grass was daisy rich until the gardeners came today and mowed them away. I like daisies in the grass. We have a far from perfect lawn, so we might as well make a virtue of our weeds.

17 thoughts on “Tulips in June

  1. that second photo is beeee-yoooo-teeee-fullll! you always show us amazing photos, Isobel–that’s what motivated me to take pics (and post!) my own self, so thank you!

    • They have character don’t they? You never know whether they are going to stay upright like soldiers on parade, nice but a bit dull, or swing dramatically and sprawl out of the vase.

  2. Your tulip pictures are beautiful…daisies are always so cheerful. Don’t know what the gardners did to our lawn but we have no daisies, buttercups, dandelions…anything that blooms in the grass! At least we have our azaleas, roses and whatever they plant in season!!
    God’s beauty in any season!

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