Staying Awake, Growing Your Area

MasterB has been in all evening while I have been at a meeting and then in the pub. My eyes want to close, but it is only fair he gets a run around outside for a while.
The meeting was good; lots of ideas about greening cities; our connection, or lack of, with the land; how this area might grow more of its own food. There was a thought-provoking and entertaining Ted Talk by Carolyn Steel. You can watch it here.

I like the idea that the Roman Empire was extended shopping trip. I don’t like the fact that five multi-nationals control some 80% of food production.
How did we drift into this state of affairs where we rip up rain forest, mine islands into oblivion and demand tomatoes that are regular and uniform in size, throwing away the ones that aren’t?
I heard Barbara Kingsolver read from Flight Behaviour last week at the Southbank, and then talk about how we are sitting on our hands as global warming brings extreme weather, destroying the crops we need to live, the homes we have built. It’s as though we are sleepwalking our way to annihilation. What are the firms who are making money from this going to do when our world implodes? Maybe that is the moment when they will wake up and see the desert they have created.
Barbara Kingsolver feels the problem is so big we do not know how to talk about it, how to comprehend it. She may be right. But some people are still denying that human behaviour has influenced climate change at all. It’s like Nero fiddling while Rome burned, or a small child playing hide and seek, covering his eyes when it is his turn to hide.
Floods are becoming commonplace in England. Each year we see people swilling out their houses, their cars swept away by a tide of muddy water.
I know we can’t go back to the days of innocence pre trains and cars and planes, so tonight, the idea of doing something to make our own little patch of London slightly more sustainable felt like a step in the right direction. I just hope it’s not too late to make a difference.
There was another video too, this time from the River Cottage programme. Watch it here and be inspired.
In Lambeth there are living bus stops with things growing all around where you wait for your bus. Brilliant.


7 thoughts on “Staying Awake, Growing Your Area

  1. I don’t like to get in arguments with people, and it is hard for me when people claim humans are not destroying this planet. How people can deny global warming is astonishing to me. And so many of the politicians in the US flat out deny it and they are in charge of making policies. That really scares me.

    • I’m with you. Even if we only suspect our actions are causing climate change, that sees to me to be enough to look at and reconsider what we are doing. Then there is the fact that we are destroying the natural habitat of so many creatures and causing their extinction. Man has a lot to newer for.

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