Technological Frustration

I want to do something to increase the memeory on my ‘phone. I am getting really fed up with messages saying internal storage is nearly full. I have an SD card with loads of capacity, but email goes on the internal memory which is derisory. Now I can’t even delete the applications.
Tonight I surfed and thought I’d found the answer. Things were going swimmingly. I downloaded the programme, followed the instructions to the letter and then hit a brick wall. The file I was supposed to be able to see was not there.
I also want to transfer some text messages, mainly the ones sent and received as Mother was dying, to my computer. Does anyone know how this is done?
I am nearly ready to go back to pigeons, or maybe two tin cans connected by a piece of string.

20 thoughts on “Technological Frustration

  1. Hi Isobel.

    Re using the SD card. I’m not well up on this, but normally you have an option to save anything to your internal memory or the SD card. You should be able to “tell” your phone where to store data. I haven’t a clue about transferring the data to your computer. I can do this with photos using a USB cable, so I suspect this would be possible with the rest of your data. I haven’t done it except with photos but I do remember a facility to back up phone data to my PC. I have a phone specific programme thingy which I had to download onto my PC to make this possible.

    • I save evrything I can to the SD card, but hotmail and gmail won’t go there. So frustrating. I can move photos, no problem, but i can’t see the texts when I connect my USB. I am, however, sure it can be done.

  2. Oops sorry, Isobel. I have just spotted your tags and it’s a Samsung. So is mine and the programme I use, to which I referred earlier is Samsung Kies, downloadable from the Samsung site. You might want to see if it might do the trick.

    Good luck. 🙂

  3. Just today I spent 4 hours (4! 1,2,3,4) on so called ‘live chat’with O2 to sort something out. I never want to deal with another technology issue.
    It all seems straightforward until you actually want to change something minor and then it’s all gobbledygook. Good luck. Have caffeine on tap

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