Yellow, 100wcgu

“Cowardy, cowardy custard!”
“I’m not!”
“You are. Cowardy, cowardy…”
She ran, tears blurring her eyes so she stumbled and fell.
The jeers turned to laughter. Felicity sneered, “Has diddums hurt herself? Better run home to her mummy hadn’t she.”

She stood up, hanging her head so that they wouldn’t see her cry. She dared not reach for her hanky. Blood trickled down her leg.
“Stupid little yellow belly.”
Her fists clenched, she span round, catching Felicity by surprise, knocking her to the ground.
“Im not a coward,” she repeated.
The watching girls stared. She stared back, turned, and walked away.

It’s ages since I joined in with one of Julia’s challenges. To learn more about 100wcgu, click here and you’ll find yourself in Julia’s Place.


14 thoughts on “Yellow, 100wcgu

      • Red hair, freckles, big boobs at 12, need I say more, lol. Yes and my sisters were bullied too for being chubby, freckled or short as they are very short. Unreal what people will pick on. Children do what they see, my theory, anyway, for what it’s worth, lol.

        • You got it! One poor brother couldn’t read, labelled dummy dyslexic, he reads, taught himself with my help at 15 and is very outspoken about it though middle aged today, I keep telling him he should speak to local literacy groups to help others who are ashamed/afraid to learn. It’s a sad world when you have to be ashamed of learning. Loved your post! 🙂

  1. Great to see you back Isobel & there was such force in this piece. You have had a number of folks You’d like to bop on the nose recently I know so well done you!

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