Poetry Memories

I am indebted to Sophie Scott for telling me about this news item. It seems the rest of the world is catching on to the power poetry can have for those living with dementia.
And to see the chocolate Lab there too. I wish this had been the scene at Mother’s Home.
Interestingly, a performance poet I know approached the Alzheimer’s Society about reading to poetry aloud to those living with dementia and was given the brush off. I am glad someone else has met with more success.
Because of that rebuff, we asked people to make donations to The Reader Organisation and Pets As Therapy instead of flowers at Mother’s funeral.


16 thoughts on “Poetry Memories

  1. I’m surprised at the attitude of someone at the Altzheimers Society… you’d expect and hope for them to be more open-minded. Disappointing.
    I watched the cat programme too. I’ve always wanted to see what they get up to at night! 🙂

    • Yes, I was very surprised and disappointed. Hopefully, they are having a change of heart across the organisation. The Reader Organisation has published a compelling report about poetry reading with people living with dementia.
      The cat prog was good wasn’t it. MasterB is time sharing I think to avoid the new bully boys. Cat wouldn’t have dreamt of being so accommodating. Defending and patrolling his territory was high on his list of daily priorities. That and increasing his Public.

  2. I used to work in a home for people with developmental disabilities and one of our clients had brain cancer. On some days I would bring in my Yorkie for her to hold and to pet. She loved that little dog and the smile on her face was so rewarding. And a friend of mine back home takes her dog to nursing homes for visits. All of the residents love it. Pets are wonderful.

    • One day, I hope that is the norm in nursing homes; that animals are part of the core care provision as well as art and poetry. So long as they are seen as dispensable extras, many homes will not think to provide them.

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