A Summer’s Day

Another year in the middle of June, I’d have said the weather was disappointing today. But this year, this June, the sight of the sun trying to edge its way through the clouds made me think, ” Oh, it’s a nice day today.” And in the end, by early afternoon it was a lovely day of blue skies and warm sunshine. My washing dried on the line, MasterB retreated to the shade under the garden seat, and is now outside hunting in the still warm air.



The strawberries and raspberries are up from Kent and Sussex, the asparagus is still gorgeous (if you don’t know, English asparagus has a shortish season and is delicious, don’t bother with it if it comes from anywhere else). It is the time of salads and fresh fruit.
And flowers. The garden is full of poppies and roses. The hollyhocks are growing ever taller and any day now they will burst into colour. The nasturtiums I planted a couple of weeks ago are starting to put tiny green tendrils up through the earth. Our garden wren is noisy and confident, as though he has been taking lessons from a robin. How does such a small bird make such a loud sound? This afternoon he teased MasterB, coming nearer and nearer, loudly proclaiming his territory. Nearby a blackbird whooped quietly, and a bluetit with ruffled head feathers tried to move the wren on. The wren stayed. The bluetit left.
The weather may not have felt that summery, but all the same, summer is here.

White Roses

White Roses


20 thoughts on “A Summer’s Day

  1. Hear ya. One good day can change ones outlook. Sure it could be fleeting. Still it could be that turn around we all crave for. Better days, better everything. A sunny day gives us hope. When one lives where that constant refrain of changing seasons occur; fall into winter, winter into spring, spring into summer definitely causes one to appreciate the good shtufffs when they arrive -hate to say it, but life affirming seems to sum it up.

    We seem very much in mid spring here, though there are hints we are rounding the corner. Farmers crops and peoples gardens (mine included) are pretty much in the ground and just showing hints of new growth. It will all explode for the better real soon – I have hope.

    • How are things with you these days? I remember we were travelling a similar path with our parents.
      The cycle of nature is a reminder of growth and death, and the glorious abundance at the moment is a real ‘life goes on’ message. Mother loved gardening, so it is also a time when my mind’s eye sees her clearly, crouched over a flower bed, the dachshund digging holes beside her a hopeful background watching or worms and then making a mess of each tidied section. Knowing how much she enjoyed these days, makes her seem present. So long as I see days like these, Mother will be alive in my mind.

      • I think we are still occupay the same path, or similar as no one path is identicle; in so much the weather helps though it doesn’t change whatever/wherever that emotional place were in exsists. Yesterdays weather was most welcomed as well. May father passed away on May 17th…..here is an image of him if interested http://www.beyondplumcreek.com/shtufffs/#/?p=1513

        • Thanks HH. I don’t know your blog address. I like the photo. I heard from another friend her mother has died. She describes being ‘a bit of a mess’. I know what she means.

    • Oh dear! I have the windows open. It rained during the night and was lovely first thing, but the clouds are gathering and we are to have some rain soon.
      I am still hoping to get out and about later.

  2. Well Isobel I love your description of a summer day! Especially the little wren and your flowers.. 🙂 AND the laundry drying on the line! The white roses are special and Master B is a sweet bunch of ginger.

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