Kitten Bonding

It was probably inevitable that much of the chat was about cats. We are all cat owners, or at least owned by cats, and one of us has a new kitten.
The new kitten, though absent, got a lot of attention. She is a pedigree, a Russian Blue, chosen for non-shedding qualities, and from the photos, very beautiful.
At the moment she is domiciled in Norfolk and is bonding with my friend’s partner. It was he who disdained another moggy, So it seems fair that he is the one suffering most from the effects of the kitten’s over attachment.
To make sure any other possible visiting cat knows that he belongs to her, she has started to pee on his side of the bed. As dry-cleaning the quilt costs £25 a time, so this is proving expensive. Web surfing suggests she will grow out of it, but he is already starting to mutter about whether her future will be with them, so I hope she decides her point has been made very soon.
Another kitten needing a new home is the last thing I want to happen. So if anyone has experience of this, and advice to offer, please don’t be reticent. This kitten’s future may be at stake.


20 thoughts on “Kitten Bonding

  1. I wonder if the quilt is part of the problem. My cat was peeing on a folded quilt used for the dog to lie on during the day. I put down a thinner blanket now and, so far, all’s good.

  2. Go to for excellent information on problems of this sort. He’s quite remarkable with cat problems. And get the kitten checked for medical issues ASAP – UTIs and other problems can be the source, as well as a dislike for whatever litter is being used, (try new ones, different location for box) and so many other possibilities. If this is a multi-cat household, the list of possible causes increases exponentially! As a pet sitter, and the slave of six cats, this is a problem I’ve had a lot of experience with!! Email me at if you’d like a copy of an article I wrote for my professional journal on the sources of these kinds of problems, and possible solutions.

  3. When we first got the Z Cat she liked to pee on the bed and a throw on the couch. She came so close to going back to the shelter that CH and I both cried about having to take her back the next day. We had a cat that never used the litter box and I wasn’t going to go through that again. I was home all day so I stayed on her and she was confined to the laundry room with LB and toys, a small cat tower, her bed and food and water. That is where she stayed when I couldn’t keep my eyes on her. And in short I made going to litter box so much fun for her she wouldn’t think of going anywhere else. I always caught her about to pee or in mid-pee and I would scoop her up and tell her NO! Take her to the box and let her do her thing, then lots of praise and a treat and a chase game up the steps that she loved. Took about a week and it was intense. I blacklighted regularly for pee spots and never found a one for the following 8 years. She was a very sweet smart cat and all she wanted to do was please us so she was very receptive to praise and treats and little games of chase as rewards for good behavior. She loved to hear “I’m going to get you” and be chased up the steps and then scooped up and hugged and face rubbed. God I loved that cat.

    • Oh Pix, you had a special bond with her didn’t you. I think the best thing for me to do is give the link to this blog to my friends so that they can follow up.
      Many many thanks.

  4. Oh I do hope they take some of the advice offered here – lots of good ideas. Something will work – the kitten is definitely sending a message or responding to a smell or something like that. Hopefully the problem can be solved easily and without resorting to getting rid of her.


  5. I wonder whether a proper wash with biological washing powder at the launderette might be a better idea than dry cleaning? The kitten might be able to smell herself and associate the duvet with having a wee?

    Sophie did this, was scolded and shut out of the bedroom, and it didn’t continue for long (a couple of weeks).

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