Southbank Beano

I love the Southbank. I think it should be available on prescription worldwide. I was up and down this morning, as was the weather. MasterB cuddled up beside me and fell asleep on my arm. I could have spent the day at home and isolated. I didn’t need a lot if encouragement. Fortunately a fly came through an open window and ignited MasterB’s inner hunter. I picked up my camera and headed for the Southbank. I took lots of photos. Far too many to share today.
If you grew up in the UK, you probably connect with these colours displayed on a door in the undercroft.

Dennis Door

Dennis Door

I expect your heart is pounding a little faster right now, and you can almost feel the cheap paper and the ink that came off on your fingers.
The undercroft is Beanotown this summer. Intended, I imagine, for children or families, there seemed quite a few unaccompanied adults having a ball.
Bash Street SE1
Dennis, Gnasher and Minnie
Beano Town and Chef

Beano Blank faces

Bash Street
Dennis, Gnasher and MinnieWhoops!

Where is Gnasher?Pranks1Pranks2


20 thoughts on “Southbank Beano

      • Unfortunately we didn’t explore the park too much since it rained off and on. However, we did find two pubs that I like. We ended up wandering to Brick Lane. By then the weather was much improved and it was perfect by the time we arrived back home. Not sure about the weather today though.

        • It was a light, but persistent rain for a bit. Ended up getting cold and nipped into a pub to warm up. Hopefully the weather improves some for the tennis–or it will be a long two weeks for me 🙂

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