Cool Fountain, Warm Beach

If the weather stays warm, I imagine quite a few people are going to enjoy playing in this fountain at the Southbank. The idea is to go into the middle while it is turned off and enjoy the sensation of being dry yet surrounded by walls of water. From the number of very wet children I saw on Sunday afternoon, some evidently think that tame sport.

Others, mainly younger, were enjoying this year’s beach. It even smelt like the seaside. How do they manage that? The ice cream van added aunthenticity too.


16 thoughts on “Cool Fountain, Warm Beach

  1. We have something similar in Manchester, in Piccadilly Gardens, and I’ve often exclaimed that the sun brings the paedophiles scuttling out as always around there, on the walkway next to it, are all sorts of dodgy men with cameras whilst the kids get very wet, as described above. It’s just all very odd. I can’t be the only one that’s noticed this.

      • From your picture ours is probably a bit smaller. But it has always had kids happy to get wet for donkeys years. I’ve always found it weird the attention it gets. You would have thought that the police would be on to it.

        • This one is an installation for the summer, part of the Festival of Neighbourhood.
          The trouble is, you could end up keeping kids safe and bored, locked up away from sleazy eyes, a bit like women having to wear a burka.

  2. Oh, I need one of those fountains in my back yard.Go in, turn the fountain on, enjoy the solitude of a personal force field.

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