Through the Windows

There are more windows on the Southbank this summer. Hanging over the pavement, framing the view of the Thames, taking up the spaces where there would usually be something less transparent.

It’s all part of the Festival of Neighbourhood, the growing part.

More windows create roofless greenhouses, where you can browse and sniff, and touch.

In one, larger structure full of herbs, you can even listen to John Lennon and Yoko Ono reading from their book of poetry, Grapefruit.


If you’re wondering about why these poems were selected, the clue is here:

I think the photo is quite old. The one in the Guardian last weekend, where Yoko’s performance with the current line up of the Plastic Ono Band got a very good review, shows a much more aged face.
I didn’t hear her sing, but I’d love to grow rhubarb like this.
Hanging Rhubarb

Hanging Rhubarb


15 thoughts on “Through the Windows

  1. This is the sort of thing the South Bank does so beautiful. There’s always a festival feeling as you potter down from Waterloo to the Globe. Fabulous pictures, Isobel, as usual. Thank you.

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