MasterB’s Shore Leave

I’m a bit wet. I have been standing in the rain between the marina and the river for several minutes. MasterB decided about an hour ago that he would like to go ashore. Once onto the gunwale, I lifted him and carried him to the path. I still don’t have a gangplank, and his leaps from prow to shore are not good for my nerves. I strapped him into his harness, sorry, make that his Mynwood Cat Jacket. I was a bit over zealous and he couldn’t move until I loosened it a bit. He made for the fence and gazed across the field. Then he turned his attention to the rise where my car is parked. The ginger and white feral was sitting there. MasterB sat down. Then he lay down. He watched. He waited. The minutes passed. Ten of them. I try to be patient, but I was getting bored. I sat down too and started talking to him, suggesting we had a little walk. I’d like to think it was my persuasive arguments, but it was probably just that he has decided the feral posed no immediate threat, and in a couple of minutes we were off again. I thought I felt rain in the air. MasterB was sniffing and watching, walking fairly steadily and calmly, his ears swivelling round at sounds. A swan paddling at some lick along the river caught and held his attention. He stared, one front paw raised above the ground.
It started to rain lightly. Still we roamed. Then the drops began falling in greater earnest. I gave the lead a gentle tug, and rather to my surprise he turned and began to head back. Then joy of joys, he stopped and dug a hole and had a quick pee. I thought that was it, but moving just a few inches further on he dug another hole and had a mega poo. I praised him to the skies and we set off again towards das Boot. He would have been happy to continue the explorations, but I was wet enough, so I tugged again and steered him to the pontoon.
Now he has had good wash and I am typing this one handed as the left hand jiggles his toy.
This isn’t the post I was going to write, but knowing the boat is not going to be filled with the aroma of his poo in the wee small hours has distracted me from my other reflections.
The rain is now falling steadily, pattering on the roof of das Boot. Neither of us is going ashore again tonight.

10 thoughts on “MasterB’s Shore Leave

    • Yes, mind you, I keep the lead fairly sack and follow him most of the time. He seems completely disinhibited about toileting in front of me. In fact when I cleaned my teeth last night, he came into the bathroom and had a pee. Lovely!

  1. He really IS such a good boy as Pix said…..They do get to the point where the harness really is a “part” of them…of course Sam’s worn one for 13 years so it’s easy for ME to assume that! 😀 I’m glad you’re both at das Boot – has to be a soothing place to be.


    • I don’t think we are anywhere near that point yet, Pam! But he does seem to understand that he has to wear it if he wants shore leave. At first he just refused. We had a bit of a stand off. But the idea of him checking out other boats, chasing the goslings across the field, leaning over to look at the river when it is high and fast flowing – something he seems keen to do – or climbing the many trees around here, worries me sick, so the harness it is. And to be fair, the Mynwood one fits him well. It was bespoke, and the only harness I have tried that works.

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