A Spatial Problem

One of the things I wanted to work out while aboard das Boot was how to turn the L-shaped setaing in the fore cabin into a bed. I have a feeling it was explained to me before das Boot became mine, but as all my visitors have been for the day only, it isn’t something I have thought about since.

L-Shaped Seating

L-Shaped Seating

However, this August, as I mentioned the other day, Sue is making a return visit across the pond, and we plan to spend a night or two afloat. Therefore, understanding how the transformation works has become rather more urgent.
Obviously, the clue lay under the seat cushions, but I wasn’t sure how. I was fairly sure I could rule the area on the right of this picture out as the engine is under there, also the switch to turn on the electrics on is under there meaning I am quite familiar with what lurks under that cushion, so it wasn’t exactly Miss Marple territory. If you look at the seat cushion under the window you’ll see it rests o a wooden base. That pulls out and fits into grooves. Very neat. I was feeling pretty pleased with myself.
So now it was just a question of sorting how to arrange the cushions to make a mattress. I didn’t do so well here.
Not Quite A Mattress

Not Quite A Mattress

So I should welcome anyone else with better spatial skills than I to tell me how to proceed.
MasterB had a look, but he didn’t come up with any suggestions.
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No Comment


11 thoughts on “A Spatial Problem

  1. Good luck with cushion arranging – perhaps what you’ve come up with is “it” ??!! I’m sure once a sleepy passenger is curled up with a blanket on that the mattress/cushion arrangement will be JUST FINE!


    • Yeah maybe. I reckon a quilt under the sheet would make quite a decent mattress cover and stop the joins being a problem. A fiited sheet will be easier to use to hold the whole thing together than a flat one too, and the cushiosn are lovely and firm. I am tempted to get a new mattress for the bed I sleep on as it could do with a lot of improvement.

    • I’ve used one of the upright cushions. It is slightly shorter than the seat cushion as the other upright curls around the corner. I couldn’t see how it could be part of the mattress, but you may be right. It may be a couple of months before I have a definitive answer!

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