Introducing Loopy and Nino

Can you see her? She is so well camouflaged that although I



knew she was there, I had to view the photo in full screen to find her.
She’s called Loopy, and I met her this evening while enjoying a beer in her owners’ gorgeous garden. It was a long day on my feet, and I had popped into the shop for some beers, halloumi and olives. I forgot the olives but met one of my neighbours who invited me round to meet the cats. I accepted gladly, and went home to change out of my work gear, and let my toes wriggle free after a day in shoes. MasterB went out, came in, ate, went out again. Today has been warm and sunny. Odd, because it is both Wimbledon and Glastonbury, usually a sure fire combination to bring howling winds and torrential rain.
I went to visit my neighbours. Their flat is to die for. Every inch cleanly planned, and although they have lots of CDs, tapes, even vinyl, somehow it seems spacious and stylish. A far cry from my own cluttered home.
They warned me that although Loopy is friendly, Nino is more nervous. Sure enough, Loopy immediately came to investigate me, sniffing my hand and allowing me to rub her head. Nino retreated to the back of the garden and looked at a book.
Otherwise Engaged

Otherwise Engaged

I was very gratified when later he also came to check me out and I was able to stroke him. Loopy needed a quick rest.

Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

It’s hard to believe she wasn’t posing. But her snooze was short lived. There was fishing to be done and although Nino was evidently more engaged with the activity, Loopy’s slumbers were disturbed.


They aren’t the best photos. Next time I’ll take the Lumix, although as their owners said, if I want some more photos, they have thousands.
It’s nice to know someone else’s hard drive is full of pictures of their cats.

21 thoughts on “Introducing Loopy and Nino

    • Yes, and a year apart in age. Next time you are down I shall see if we can arrnage a visit. I know these people because they have admired MasterB.
      It is amazing how many neighbours I know because of my cats and their pets!
      Now going to wash up, find my fe;line and call it a day.
      Sweet dreams. 🙂

    • She is having a wonderfully jungly moment isn’t she? It is a smallish garden, but very well designed and with lots of cat friendly corners. They have the coolest cat bed I have ever seen indoors. They call it the Cat Cave.

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