Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

Survivors from my childhood. From left to right: Toffee, Lindy-Lou, Tessie and Proteus. All squashed into the chair I used to sit on, and which recent research suggests my father made from another Utility chair.



And my living breathing furry companion, MasterB.
Feline Companion

Feline Companion

I very nearly posted one of my last pictures of Mother, clutching the leg of Bear, who went into the coffin with her. Maybe later. I don’t know.
More of this week’s challenge here.

18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

  1. I wish I had saved a toy from my youth, but I do not remember having stuffed animals, just a couple of dolls…. cute furry companion… sprawled on the bed like he owns it.

  2. Oh I love your companions too Isobel. I am a bear collector and that little bear in the lap of Toffee is awesome.. 🙂 I am like Pam and still have my very first Teddy that is soon to be 62 years old!

    • Toffee is the bear! I have had him since I was a day old, a gift from my godparents. He wouldn’t be given to a child now, his eyes come out on metal pins. The doll is Lindy Lou. Tessie Bear (named after the bear in the Noddy stories, of which I was a huge fan) was completely flat at one point, but re stuffed by my aunt.

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