Red Bicycle and Geraniums

Sometimes, walking along a street, I see something that just makes me smile.

This red bike, and the red geraniums behind it, had that effect. The sun helped.

Red Bike and Red Geraniums

Red Bike and Red Geraniums

It is a simple, everyday sight, but somehow beautiful and pleasing to the eye. Or maybe that’s just me?


18 thoughts on “Red Bicycle and Geraniums

  1. yippy ya hooooo and serendipity shtufffs.., it takes a refined lens (not speaking of camera lens) to note of the riches of simplicity. It’s possible, one simple image can/could turn into a novel?

    • Oh what a wonderful idea. Now I look at it again, it does have that dust jacket sort of promise doesn’t it. I don’t know who lives in the house, so yes, a whole world and life could be imagined beyond those doors…

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