Glorious Summer

It has been a beautiful day, and we are at that time of year when our days are long and our nights short, so when the sun shines, summer seems expanded. The poppies are still flowering and the hollyhocks are getting into gear. MasterB is in his element, spending hours in the garden, coming inside to sleep and recharge his batteries.
Going to the theatre twice this week was great, but it has meant tonight I have been bent over my papers in preparation for work tomorrow. I haven’t quite finished, but I am taking a quick break. I still haven’t caught up with the blogs I follow. Hopefully in the next few days.

Tomorrow night I am looking forward to a cold beer, or a glass of chilled white wine at the end of another glorious day. Tonight it is camomile tea.



16 thoughts on “Glorious Summer

  1. It’s also a nice sunny day here in the linen-making village of Upperlands which you visited last year. The flax crop (over two acres this year, eight times more than last year) is ripening nicely and in due course it will be retted, dried, scutched and spun into lovely linen yarn. Meanwhile Clarks (which has not been taken over by anybody) is still, uniquely in the world, beetling linen, ie pounding it with wooden blocks – and you can buy some at the newly opened coffee shop which also serves as a showcase of the community’s 300-year-linen legacy. We do hope you will stop by again and see for yourself that the linen tradition is alive and well and finding new outlets. all good wishes, bruce clark

    • How wonderful to get this message from you! I am coming to NI at the end of the month, staying part of the time with one of the cousins I was with when we trotted down memory lane last summer. I don’t know if there’ll be the chance to revisit this time, but I come over at least once a year, and I saw your relative Jo in April here in London.

  2. How bright your words are. I am glad to have read them from you! Enjoy summer fully!
    Big sunny hugs

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