Summertime Cat

MasterB is a happy boy.
Warm days, being in the garden, finding a smelly twig to play with.

Lying in my shade watching insects. Investigating the car belongng to a neighbour who is moving out.

What more could a ginger ninja need?


20 thoughts on “Summertime Cat

      • I don’t know. That is if you mean are there mice in that part of the garden. There probably are. We see mice occasionally and Cat used to catch them. I haven’t seen MasterB with one, and his favourite hunting place, where I think there are rats, is elsewhere. A long time ago there was catnip in this part of the garden. Could a little remain in the earth?

    • He loves straws, and especially those little fat ones they put on flower stems like Gerbera to stop them flopping. He will play with those for days. I have never seen anything like them for sale in pet shops!
      I was awed by the amount of toys Sam has in your picture yesterday.

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