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When I started blogging it was about getting back into writing. I had just acquired das Boot, and fondly imagined my blog would be a mainly nautical one. But of course there was Cat, and there was Mother, both of whom had contributed to my decision to buy a boat in the first place. Fairly quickly they became my main subjects, and I slowly realised that I was writing a diary. That the blog had become a thinking place, a place where I tried to make sense of things that were going on, and to rant and rage about the things that frustrated and incensed me. There were laughs too. But with Mother, what I have now is a record of her decline, of Aunt’s and my attempts to support her, of our head banging against the brick walls of hospital administration, ignorance about dementia, understaffed schemes, lazy attitudes.

Yet, rereading what strikes me most is Mother. She was a source of great concern to us, yet somehow she is the good thread among all the difficulties. It’s good to have this record, it’s a real time one, not me looking back and putting her on a pedestal. Goodness knows, I had rows and run ins with Mother a plenty pre dementia, and she could be awkward and contrary.
So somehow this accidental log is precious. I need to get my old posts from MyT. But I wonder. Photos from MyT have vanished. At what point does WordPress decide that this blog is redundant? What if WordPress vanishes? Where are my records then? I wonder this partly as a family historian, but mainly because looking back over the posts about Mother has brought me some comfort and clarity, and I should like to know that even if I give up blogging tomorrow, I shall still be able to look at these entries in time to come.
Can anyone advise me?


35 thoughts on “Blog Longevity

  1. Can you print out your blogs and perhaps have them compiled into a booklet? Over here in the U.S.,the copy stores will make a booklet for you with plastic spirals holding the pages. That way you won’t have to worry about your memories disappearing…just a thought!

  2. Oh, Isobel, I have been wondering the same thing. I am going to reblog your post so we can reach some additional bloggers with this question.

  3. Reblogged this on A New Day and commented:
    Isobel posted a question today that I have been thinking about recently. I would like to know how the blog or specific posts can be saved and accessed, when I die, by friends and family members. Have any of you thought about this and know the answer?

  4. Hi Pat, I have had the same thought and thanks to Isobel for raising it, and your reblogging it. The copy print method can work, but is tedious and costly, particularly with all the photos, and formatting can become distorted. I wonder if WordPress can provide a service for bloggers to order a disc copy of their blog, even for a small cost, like one does with photo albums online.

  5. Sometimes the pictures etc vanish because the place on ones computer changes,, or web site changes and wP cannot locate the new position. However, I use Evernote, which is a web based and computer based program that syncs together,, each post I do I copy and paste it into Evernote, or you can use the ‘Web clipper’ which copies the post into your web base prog, and then in time syncs to your computer based prog… I find it very valuable,, for many things,, it is easy to understand.. if you try it let me know what you think… I have a complete collection of Forest Tales saved,, so no need to go to wP. enjoy.. 😉

  6. Like you, Isobel, I started my blog because I had to write. So, early on I copied and pasted my posts into Word documents. During the intensity of these last months, I have even been saving the comments because so much life was right there.

    I know that you can back up your blog, but I don’t know about future usefulness with that file. Here’s a quick post I did:

    • Thanks, I’ll look at that too. Given that so much of our online lives is recorded by Google and monitored by our governments, you’d think it’d be a breeze to make sure you could access copies in the future.

  7. I have the same problem, Isobel. I have almost 1,100 precious posts. One thing you can do, and I did a very long time ago but have not done recently, is to use blurb to make them into a book. Blurb has the software to download them all and then you can lay them out as you wish. How I will ever fit 1,100 posts in I have no idea, and I’m sure they have a maximum; but it does work quite effectively for a smaller volume of material.

    • Thanks. I’ll take a look. I don’t really want any more books, my shelves are groaning. Funny isn’t it with all our whizz technology, the best way to preserve and future proof takes us straight back to paper and ink…

  8. I have backed up EVERYTHING. Been to each of my pages and saved it as a seperate file. Importantly then make sure each page has saved properly and is viewable without access to the internet as some, for some reason, don’t. All I know is the you cannot rely on WordPress for ANYTHING. Back it up now!

      • Hmm. Isn’t it just. I posted it and then it disapeared. I was going to check back later. I know with the problems over user complaints over the last year that people get short shrift, and worse. If you go to any of your blog posts click on File, then Save As and make sure it’s as a “web page, complete”. It will save your page and a seperate file with the picture info to be able to read it off-line. I found that any dodgy symbols in the file name you save it as and then it won’t open properly so I completely rename my files. I also start all with the date Year-Month-Date (ie 130707) so then all the files you save line up in the right order.

      • making that reply crashed WordPress for me too. Yes doing it that way saves the pictures, but you’d better check in the folder that they’re as big as they should be. If not you can individually click on them and then “right click” and “save as”. It’s all time consuming, but worth it. I back up everything!

  9. It’s a problem I’ve often wondered about. May people store photos on websites but how do we know that like cassette tapes and vinyl, even floppy discs, that technology won’t move on making things inaccessible in future. I think if something is really, really important then it should be printed.

  10. Sounds like some people have been able to help, which is a good thing since I had no idea. I know one of my buddies back home loves Evernote, but I hadn’t thought of that for backing up the blog. That’s interesting. I may have to look into that since I hope to be blogging for years to come and to have a record of my challenge. Thanks for raising this issue!

  11. Hi Isobel – am not in the loop these days and rarely get to my computer – summertime and the gardening is constant – but I have just read this. I haven’t read everyone’s comments, but one possibility is to paste and copy each month (a laborious job, as in order to get everyone’s comments, should you want them, you have to do it post by post – but it will include the photos) onto a document on your laptop. I open a new doc for each month. Then open a Dropbox account and post them into cyberspace. Just a thought.

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