Giving a hoot, or: Maybe the deer want iTunes

I just read this post on Outward Hounds. It is so good I had to share.
We don’t have the same gun stuff here in the UK, but the litter problem is very familiar, and the attitudes of those who just dump things they no longer want anywhere and everywhere.
And you just have love Wyatt, “naturally filthy”.

Giving a hoot, or: Maybe the deer want iTunes.


8 thoughts on “Giving a hoot, or: Maybe the deer want iTunes

  1. Thanks for sharing, Isobel.

    The About page, describing those doggies, was priceless. I was wondering what happened *after* the dog at the 30 lb of dog food and the tub o’ fudge…. Perhaps The Staff couldn’t bear to describe the cleanup. >:-D

  2. Wyatt is adorable! I hate seeing litter everywhere and it’s a worldwide problem. I wonder why someone threw away their ipod–frustration maybe.

        • Our dachshund hated water. She even approached her water bowl as though it might drag her in. However, she would go out in thunder storms, and walk angry and stuff legged to end of the garden where she would growl back at the sky.
          Most other dachshunds I have known love water. Maria, who comments here, had two. Xispa would not paddle at the beach, but Brina was in and out of the water all the time, and adored swimming in the sulphur pools.

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