100wcgu Heat

Julia’s challenge this week is heat.

The curtains were still drawn in the windows of the tall houses, but the sun, its face scrubbed clean by the night, was fully risen. The pavement burned her feet through her sandals. A fox stopped its cantering along the street to stare at her, turned, and ran away.

She smoothed her hand across the rough brick of the house; each nubbed ridge a rosary of memory. She felt for the key hidden behind the lintel. The dark hallway smelled of her mother’s perfume. Her redundant coat and shoes, in neat pairs behind the door, waited unrewarded for her return.


25 thoughts on “100wcgu Heat

  1. Wonderful & so apt for the challenge. You have got so much detail into these few words. Thank you for joining us this week.

  2. in Catalan we have that saying “En el pot petit hi ha la bona confitura” (“The small container holds the good jam”

      • My birthday was on the 10th. I had a good day. A regular day! May Life give me many more regular days for long! And may Life allow us to be friends all the way through our own lifes!

        • On a day like today, when the sun is shining, i am going to meet a friend to eat and then see a play at the Globe, life is good indeed. It is the same restaurant where you, Jaume and I ate before seeing Twelfth Night at the Globe severl years ago. Good memories!

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