From Where I’m Sitting

I brought my work outside as it is too glorious an afternoon to be indoors, but mostly because my home looks like it has been serially burgled. I have to go in in a moment and face some of the domestic ungodliness, but first some photos of right here, right now.




I took more and better photos with my camera, but when I go inside I cannot possibly allow myself the indulgence of downloading them to my laptop, uploading to the blog, or I shall still be living in a pig sty when it is time to go out. So the iPad will have to serve.
Hopefully, the weekend will see me with a bit more time to do more than scrape the surface of my neglected home, and to read a few more posts and comment on them.


13 thoughts on “From Where I’m Sitting

  1. A wise choice to be outside enjoying the lovely flowers and pleasant weather. The mess will wait and be there when you are ready to dig in and face it.

    • I seem to have developed a new form of decoration – piles of papers on every available surface. And I don’t want to read any of them! I did a tiny bit of tidying and one pile went into the recycling. But as you say, there didn’t do anything while I was out, and look just the same this morning.

  2. I also love to sit outside, when the weather is pleasant, if work can be done in the open air.
    Isn’t it lovely to sit on the grass and enjoy the feel the ground and the smell of the natural surrounding, no matter how enclose it may be in town!

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