An Interactive Cat

It’s hot today. The hottest day of the year so far, somewhere around 30C. I used to have a great little gadget, a window thermometer, but then the block management decided to employ a window cleaner who blasts our windows from the ground with jets of water. Bye bye window thermometer.
I don’t feel like doing much, even the things I want to do. Yes, my washing is on the line, I’ve watered the plants and I’ve paid two bills at the bank, but the last hour and half seems to have just gone by with nothing done.
MasterB was flat out until a fly came in and so now he is watching it as it sits tantalisingly out of reach near the top of the door.

Flat Out

Flat Out

A friend came round yesterday evening and we ate in the garden. MasterB was unimpressed by our conversation and lack of attention to himself. Octavia soothed his wounded pride, offering blandishments as he watched us from the flowerbed. He allowed himself to be won over and soon he was chasing cherries, hunting them down, capturing them when they escaped, leaping in the air after them. He so obviously enjpys interacting with people he knows and trusts. At the cattery they said he was much too nosey to be shy for long.
Cherry Delight

Cherry Delight

What's This?

What’s This?

He decided Octavia was his new Best Friend.
Still, the moment comes when even the most active cat needs to stop and ask for a tummy rub.



6 thoughts on “An Interactive Cat

    • I am so pleased at how much he obviously enjoys being in the garden with me. He took to Octavia the first I me he met her shortly after i got him. She has corkscrew curls that fascinated him. Her cherry throwing and string dangling on Friday had him rubbing round her legs and bonding v well. At one point we were not paying him any attention. He sat a couple f yards from us and fixed us with a disapproving stare which reminded me of Paddington.

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