Belly Up

MasterB’s favourite sleep position in hot weather is on his back, usually at full stretch, often inelegant, but always endearing.

And the cool cooton of my bed linen seems to suit his needs best.


22 thoughts on “Belly Up

  1. As it is cold here Charlie has taken to snuggling under the duvet with me at night. And what a procession it is to get settled. First he walks across my chest [making sure I know what he is about], the he waits…just above my shoulder until I lift the duvet. It can take a few goes to get it right. Going under…then out…then under again [while my arm starts to twitch]. Once he has decided it is all good…he does a 180 and lays with his back curled into my side…one paw and his head resting on my arm. Needless to say he sleeps better than I do…but I can’t bring myself to do anything but enjoy the closeness.

  2. Oh I love his carefree attitude. Att for some reason is still climbing under my sheets on the bed. I would think that would be too hot, but he seems to like it.

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