If You Are Thinking of Getting a Cat…

It’s been a time of cat posts here chez IsobelandCat over the last few days, and I am about to post another.
My friends with the peeing kitten and no doors have just made the decision to give her up and let her start a new boundried life with another friend. There have been tears and wobbly chins. The handover is tomorrow. This kitten is lucky. She may be heading out of one home and onto another before she has grown out of her first pyjamas, but it is a home, and a good one.
The cattery has horrified me with tales of how many cats and dogs get abandoned at this time of year simply because their owners want to go away on holiday and haven’t organised care for their pets. Rescue centres are already overflowing because of others giving up pets they can no longer afford to keep.
Many healthy cats and dogs are euthinased after a few days to amke way for the next wave of homeless arrivals.
The cattery has a link to a very small cat rehoming charity. The cats are kept until homes are found for them, but in summer the accommodation is full to bursting point.
So if you are in South East England, and particularly if you are in London, and you are thinking of adopting a cat soon, look here first.
Say I sent you.
They won’t guilt trip you. You can view without pressure, ask questions, get support. They are lovely people and they have some lovely cats needing homes. I have met Thomas, he’s gorgeous. Mister Tom melts my heart and I see they have a newly arrived naughtie tortie. While you are visiting you will almost certinly meet Tommy, aka His Malevolence, as he sees it as his right to inspect visitors and to let them admire him. If you visit the site you can see photos of cats rehomed this year, including Odysseus, now named George, and Izzy, happy in their new homes. Both are cats the charity took from me when I rescued them.

18 thoughts on “If You Are Thinking of Getting a Cat…

  1. All very sad that pets end up like that. People should definitely check such a place out if they’re “in the market” for a pet.

    • Yes, and make sure cats are neutered to prevent even more unwanted kittens ending up in unsuitable homes. With so many unwanted, abandoned pets it shocks me that people deliberately breed from their animals in the hope of making money from them and with scant regard for the futures of these lives.

  2. It’s such a shame that people – mostly with good intentions – adopt a pet then find they can’t keep them. Hopefully people who ARE looking to add to their animal families check the shelters and catteries first – and hopefully as well, they can manage to hang on to the ones they DO adopt. I’m glad your friends with the kitten were able to find another home for her!


    • I’m not really. My part in the rescues was minimal. It was the charity who took them in, took them to the vet, cared for them and made sure the were socialised before they went to new homes.

  3. I’m with Gilly on this one. Sadly too many people don’t really look before they leap when getting a pet…be it a cat or a dog and it is always the animals who are left to pay the price

  4. I find it horrendous that kittens can attract such a high price, but a few months later they can’t be given away.

    I was shocked by one of my friends thinking out loud about breeding from her (moggy) kitten because of the prices that litters can sell for. Whether it was my response about being irrewponsible, or seeing sense herself, the kitten was duly neutered without the pitter patter of tiny paws!

  5. My mom just lost her kitty and is already looking for a new friend. It took me a long time to get over losing my tabby, Ginger but I finally found the perfect sisters (relatives of my other remaining kitty, Mr. Trouble!) I named the sisters Kikkoman and Wasabi because I always wanted a cat named Wasabi and Kikko fits the wiley beast I took along with her!

    I’m surrounded by rescued pets (they came from a hoarded home) so they may require more attention and care (especially at first) but it is so rewarding to know what they were saved from.

    I will never forget the pets who have gone, especially Ginger. We are all truly lucky to entertain them for as ever long as they remain by our sides. In the case of Ginger, I found her as a kitten at the pound and I didn’t let go of her until she was put to sleep in my arms after a rapid and devastating illness a few years ago.

    I wouldn’t give up my animals for the world! I even take crappier rentals to accommodate my little zoo 🙂

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