Of Heat, Colds, Lemsip and Hollyhocks

Most unseasonably, and on the hottest day of the year (which came as a surprise to me, as I am sure I heard it would be cooler today) I have spent the day growing a heavy cold. My head feels uncomfortably full of unfriendly aliens. I ahve aches and pains in places I usually don’t notice.
So no gin and tonic for me tonight, and not just because I’m not very fond of it, a cup of Lemsip. Very rock ‘n’ roll.
The garden, where MasterB is spending his evening is a solace.
I have held back from posting photos of hollyhocks so far this year, but I’m caving in tonight.

18 thoughts on “Of Heat, Colds, Lemsip and Hollyhocks

  1. Oh no! I hope the cold doesn’t doesn’t stay long. Haven’t heard of Lemsip. Do you get that at the pharmacy? And you don’t like gin and tonic–I had one last night. Love them. Feel better, Isobel.

  2. Sorry about your cold. Summer colds are the worst. Your hollyhocks are beautiful… They inspire me to find space for some in the garden next year.

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