Black and White Cats

Three black and white cats today. First up, Wags, one of Masterb’s friends. I thought he was calling for Scally, but when i looked out of the window I saw this little creature on the wall. She was braver than usual and didn’t rush off at the sight of me.



Scally was playing with MasterB the other night, but I have never seen all three of them together. Looking at this picture again, I wonder if it is Wags, as she looks like a kitten. maybe there’s a new cat on the block.
At Octavia’s this evening, I tried to get some photos of Phoebe. She closed her eyes and imagined herself elsewhere.
Phoebe With Closed Eyes

Phoebe With Closed Eyes

Claude is not camera shy and could not believe I was not trying to photograph him.
Claude, Not Camera Shy
I managed a picture at last of Phoebe withe her eyes open.
Phoebe With Open Eyes
Then Claude walked purposefully up to the lens.
Claude In Shot
A final shot of Phoebe with the gnomes Octavia’s claener has given her, but she closed her eyes again.
Phoebe With the Gnomes
As characters go, these two could not be more different. Claude absolutely loves to be the centre of attention, to sit on you, to be with you whatever you are doing. Phoebe is much more reserved. She will touch me with her nose, accept chin rubs but most definitely is not interested in sitting on laps. She is happy to be on the periphery.


10 thoughts on “Black and White Cats

    • MasterB is inured to me photographing him. I hate having my picture taken.
      Odd I am in Sapm on your page. I keep having problems with the WordPress server. Half the time i can’t see any blogs at all.

    • Claude loves people, and he always wants to be the centre of attention. He wasn’t too thrilled when Phoebe arrived to live in the house. Apparently when she was still a kitten he biffed her so forcefully she flew through the air.

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