Weather Wishes

It thundered while I was having my breakfast and I took my umbrella with me. No need, though I could have used it as a parasol. Another hot day in London with temperatures nudging 33ºC, and humid too, so energy sapping. I have been watching the forecast carefully, not for London but for Northern Ireland. I go to Cousin’s on Thursday, and normally I’d be gleeful about hot dry weather for my stay. But I am booked on a hillwalking week from Saturday, and the prospect of toiling up hills under blazing sun, no trees for shelter and having to carry enough water so as not to dehydrate, has made me wonder how much of the walking I’ll be doing.
Maybe I wished too hard for it too cool down. When I looked at the forecast today it showed rain. Not just one or two days rain, but a whole ten days of it.
I’ve walked the Sperrins in warm weather. I have walked them in cold rain and mists. On the whole I prefer the cool to slightly warm, somewhere below the 19ºC mark, with the odd misting of soft rain. Driving rain is something else. And I am not gungho enough to contemplate it with anything approaching pleasure.
I could drop out of the Sperrins part, curl back to Cousin’s and rejoin the party for the Mournes, where I have never walked and hope the weather does its best.
But one thing is certain; I am looking forward to a holiday, not an endurance test, and if the weather makes walking miserable I’ll be leaving my boots in my bag.
Just in case though, tonight I am washing and rewaterproofing my jacket, and tomorrow my boots are getting the treatment too.


10 thoughts on “Weather Wishes

  1. Happy trails, however it turns out. I find heavy wind a killer of spirit, so I won’t budge in relentless gusts.

    Here the deciding factor for hiking, or walking or camping or any outdoor activity that requires planning of any type is the misquotes and black fly factor.

    • The midges make the milder weather hard, but I have mosquito repellent on my list for tomorrow and lavender oil should the blighted get me. I have decided to take my light weight boots as an incentive not to walk in heavy rain.

    • Quite! I have a tendency to feel I should join in even when it seems a bad idea, so ended along in freezing heavy rain in Sicily and visiting a ghastly tourist trap in the Netherlands. This time perhaps I’ll be firmer of spirit…

    • The Ginger Ninja is blissfully unaware that his holidays are coming round again soon.
      At the moment he is outside, but he was practising his hunting skills on my hand earlier. Not long until you meet him now!

  2. I’ve walked through driving rain on a few occasions and it’s not that much fun. I like rain. Driving rain that’s a different matter. If you go, make sure you have a waterproof bag for the camera and dry socks. blisters, driving rain, and a drenched camera–no fun.

    • A light drizzle is great on a walk to keep you cool. Diving rain is miserable.
      I am wondering if I can get some waterproof socks in time. I always have a thick plastic bag inside my backpack. And yes, I generally carry dry socks and blister plasters too!
      Did you enjoy the storm?

  3. Only admiration from me Isobel. I wouldn’t be doing any hiking. A nice walk, better yet stroll around the Tiny Ten or a lovely park works for me. I hope you have beautiful weather for your hike!

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