Of Storms, Humidity, A Royal Baby, and Difficulties Accessing Blogs

The Eye was lit up in red white and blue last night for a new royal baby and I hear Trafalgar Square fountains were running blue for a boy too. All very pretty, but nothing compared to the son et lumière spectacle in the small hours. The thunder didn’t rumble, it proclaimed. It was answered, at one point almost instantaneously, by cracks of autocratic lightning. The rain pounded onto the dry earth. MasterB hid under the bed, and I checked to see if the rain was coming in through the windows. The storm woke me three times, and when my alarm went off I confidently expected a fresh clean day. That’s what storms are supposed to do aren’t they? Clear the air. And last night’s storm was no slouch. It gave us everything it had.

Yet today been muggier and stickier than ever. Very odd. A few drops of rain have fallen this afternoon, but I do mean drops. Tomorrow’s forecast is for a beautiful day, with temperatures in the mid twenties, then maybe the odd shower in the coming days. Except in NI, where there is more rain, and thundery showers predicted. So this afternoon I waterproofed my walking boots and began a packing list to cover all seasons.
I am having some problems with looking at blogs on WordPress. I keep getting a message to say the server is down, but I can get to every other Internet site that I want to visit.
Does anyone else recognise this problem?


18 thoughts on “Of Storms, Humidity, A Royal Baby, and Difficulties Accessing Blogs

    • I can sometimes get as far as reading it via an email, but if I want to see the whole thing including photos, or make a comment it won’t play. Fingers crossed it is a temporary hitch.

  1. I am not having your problem Isobel but I can’t stay signed in and have to sign in each time I comment. My notification button has forgotten what it is up there for. It either notifies me multiple times for the same comment or sits up there and does nothing. Little old Missouri is having the same weather pattern you are having.

  2. Various servers around the world are under DDosk Attack, at various intervals, this week, last week, an a very big one over a month ago. The attackers normally focus on servers with wordpress in them, hence wordpress.org is more likely to feel the hit. Servers will either slow down or shut down to combat the attack. If the server gets hacked it can take a server out for 24 hours or more, if the techs have problems sorting it out.

    As before I hope the weather comes through for you. If not, am sure your imagination will make plan 2 just as interesting. Its rain in our forecast, but hey we’re an ocean and a bit from each other.

  3. After the thunder I was hoping for some cool but it hasn’t happened. Let’s hope we get back to a bit of normality. That’s normality of when I was a youngster – nice summers, not too hot!

  4. Hudson Howl makes a great point. If you opt not to/can’t hike and go to Plan 2, I remember that Hera had a nice new pair of hiking boots.

    • There was a lovely breeze this morning, but that seems to have gone. I like the odd storm to clear the air, or even better some rain each night to keep things green.

  5. Goodness, did I sleep through that storm? Yesterday was muggy and I didn’t like it. I haven’t had server issues with WordPress, but I’m not getting my email notifications. I hope it gets solved soon for you.

    • Blimey. I thought you said it was TBH who slept like a stone. This was real Evelyn Glennie stuff, no stops unpulled.
      I am reassured by HH. It sounds like a temporary thing.

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