I am just about packed, only some bits and bobs, including lunch, to go into the backpack in the morning. MasterB is playing outside, unaware that he will be heading south just before I start my journey west.

Such A handsome Boy

Such A handsome Boy

As with Cat, I have managed to keep the Truth About Bags from him. He sees me pile things up on the bed, but the moment when they go into the bag happens when he is outside. As I am a great piler of things on the bed most of the time he would have to be unnaturally suspicious, indeed paranoid, to imagine each pile means a stay at the cattery.
This is my third attempt to put up this post. I first couldn’t upload a photo, then I tried to use one from my media library – no access. I left out the photo, finished writing, and could not publish. Half the post was saved as a draft, but now I have eaten, WordPress seems to have relented towards me, and I have high hopes that when I press publish that is what will happen.
Anyway, I think I shall give up for tonight, and go outside for some quality time with the ginger ninja in the garden befire our separation tomorrow.
Honestly, sometimes I wonder why I go on holiday, I miss my boy so much.


16 thoughts on “Packed

  1. Hope you have a good break. A lot of people are having trouble with WordPress too, especially if you are on TalkTalk it seems.

  2. I hope you have a wonderful time Isobel……MasterB will be so happy to see you on your return but I really do know how tough it is to leave them behind. David and I have to be quite sneaky about trips too…..suitcases come out weeks ahead of time…..we make piles of things to take and hide them until the last minute…..the things we do for love!


  3. Have a great holiday. Like you I miss my boys terribly and am much relieved when they are happy to see me when I get home. Att is a little grumpy, but he’s like that every day so not sure how much to attribute to my absence.

    • This is the longest MasterB will have stayed in the cattery, so I am hoping that he has entitled quickly and is happy. At some point I should like to visit friends in Australia and I would expect to be away for three weeks. That will be hard!

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