Glad and Sad

Remember Ginger-Odysseus-Now-George? MasterB’s bookend who was rehomed by <a

Ginger Likes Catnip

Ginger Likes Catnip

I asked after him this morning when I left a protesting MasterB at the cattery. I was fearful that it hadn’t worked out, that he had been returned as unsatisfactory and unsuitable. It seemed such a leap for him in such a short space of time, and I wondered if he’d cope.
Well he has. Hamilton’s Cat Fund get regular and glowing reports of him. He is as indulged as any cat could possibly be. His owners are adoring and delighted. They want the world to know what a splendid cat he is and he even has his own Facebook page. It’s better than Cinderella.<!–more–>
Next I asked about this little soul, Izzy.
Little Kitten

Little Kitten

If ever there was a cat who was destined for stage and screen this was the one. She virtually had the tutu and tap dancing shoes on to welcome visitors to the cattery before she was homed a few doors away. Again, her owners adored her. They were besotted in days. And now they are heartbroken. She got out to the front of the house aboiut four weeks ago. It’s a busy road. You can guess the rest. At least she had several months being happy and loved. It’s more than some cats have in a lifespan of years.
Now it’s time for me to close the windows, pick up my bags and head for the station. I expect I’ll have updates to share on Westie Boy, the Big Cat, and other animals known on this page.

9 thoughts on “Glad and Sad

    • Yes, obviously it would be better if both cats were still doing well in their homes, but Izzy was well loved though her life was shockingly short, and the odds of her being in a good home were so much shorter than the odds on George having a happy home that his story is somehow life affirming.
      No sign of Clive I take it?

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