Of Cousin’s Kittens, Irish Weather and Being Forgotten

Marple and Fido are still small cats but they are over six months old now. They are no longer frightened by Westie Boy, and the three of them rub heads and hang out together in the garden. I should have some photos to share soon.
I left London in sunshine, and as we descended towards Belfast the clouds were pierced by blue sky. But as we headed west, the clouds above us grew grey and beneath us cars had their headlights on as they moved along wet roads. In the distance a curtain of heavy rain shielded the view. We landed and the spray flew up from the plane’s wheels. I was impressed by the foresight shown by many of the passengers who produced stout waterproofs from their hand luggage. But by the time I got off the plane, there was just drizzle and the sky was split between clouds and blue.

I looked beyond the screen for Cousin and couldn’t see her. Probably delayed, I thought. No rush. My bag was one of the last to appear on the carousel and the passengers had thinned to single figures. Still no sign of cousin. After a while longer, I began to suspect that I had been forgotten. I rang her mobile, it went to voicemail. I rang the house and discovered that Cousin’s youngest was visiting from Australia. Where are you? He asked. At the airport, I answered. He arrived about forty minutes later. I was sitting outside enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.
Today the sun shone all morning. It was beautiful, even hot. There was a heavy shower complete with thunder in the late afternoon, but if this is what is in store for the next few days, I shall be lucky indeed.

16 thoughts on “Of Cousin’s Kittens, Irish Weather and Being Forgotten

  1. The kittens are adorable…….! Love their names too……will look forward to seeing an update on Westie Boy. Hope you’re relaxing and enjoying the refreshing break from London………


    • Those are the names I call them. They are very sociable and appear at nice if you go outside. Cousin is trying to keep them out of the main house, though they sneak in, and are in and out of the back kitchen and the utility room.

  2. The kittens are cute. Hope the weather stays pleasant. And this isn’t the first time you were forgotten at the airport is it? That rings a bell.

    • It has been glorious today. I have just checked into the hotel and am using the wifi there. My room is on the main road and pretty noisy. But it is much to warm to shut the windows. I hope the town will be quiet tonight!

  3. I see that the love of ginger cats is a family thing!
    Thinking of you as I tromp around in my new hiking boots. Does wearing them to an afternoon poker game count as breaking in time?

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