Hudy’s Way

The first day of the walking. And after a disturbed night an excellent breakfast at the hotel. Dinner having been fairly unexciting, I didn’t have tremendously high hopes, so that was a lovely surprise.
My left boot felt strangely tight. I couldn’t imagine why. I tied and retired the laces, loosening them and trying to give my foot more space. It worked after a fashion, but all too soon I had the telltale heat of a rubbed heel. I applied a plaster and hoped for the best. It got worse. When there was a stop to drink water I took my boot off and examined it. I pulled out the special insole and realised I had placed it on top of the original insole instead of replacing it. Removed, my boot was immediately much more comfortable, but too late to repair the damage I had done to my heel.
Maybe Hudy, whose walk we did today, had the same problem, because he attempted to fly several times. He failed. I have his story at home, and today I heard it can also be listened to on YouTube. Some friends of Cousin’s are active in recording local stories and collecting up local history, transcribing tomb stones, talking to the old ones. I think they put the booklet I own together.

I have just noticed rain on the windows. Our day in the hills was warm and sunny, with just one quick shower which justified carrying the waterproofs. This looks like it might pass quickly too. The sky is light in the distance. I had my point and squirt with me on the hills and took a few photos.
I’ll upload them now, but I find them fairly unsatisfactory on the iPad, so I may edit when I am home. This is at the start. I took an almost identical photo about fourteen years ago when I did this walk as part of the Sperrins hillwalking Festival

Then this one shows the name of the walk.

We walked beside farms and started to climb steadily. Whenever I hillwalk this is the moment when I think I am crazy. One year I prepared at the gym, doing lots of exercises to strengthen particular muscles. It was worth it, I was flying along. Not so today, less fit, heavier and with a sore heel I was glad I had volunteered to be back marker. Taking photos was a good excuse for a few seconds rest.
This house still has its roof, but there others, abandoned long since which are simply wallsteads.

Like this one:

The light was soft and greens were multiple.


Foxgloves, potentilla and heather provided odd moments of colour.

And the cotton grass was entrancingly beautiful.

I hope the forecast is good for tomorrow as now I have had a taste, despite my stiff muscles and sore heel, I want more.


13 thoughts on “Hudy’s Way

  1. I want to see more as well, it looks lovely! Gosh the i pad photos are frustratingly small. I hope your boots don’t bother you anymore and that you get some sunshine and the right temperature 🙂

  2. Sorry to hear about the heel. That is never fun, but glad to know you figured out the problem. I was waiting to hear that you forgot to wear a sock 🙂 Have a wonderful second day.

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