Beside the Seaside

It seems like forever since I was at the seaside. Dawdling on the beach this afternoon was delightful. Minutes passed while dogs and children bounded about. There were surprisingly few people.

Newcastle Beach

Newcastle Beach

We drove up from Derry to Down this morning. The hotel is a bit of a warren, but a comfortable one. My room is large and full of light. I look out at the Mournes, and the road is a good fifty yards away.

I am having to rethink my holiday. I walked up into the hills yesterday in increasing discomfort. My heel felt as though it was scratched and raw. When I caught up with the leader, it was to say I was bowing out. Fortunately Cousin collected me after I had hobbled back down the hill, and so I did not have to sit out the walk with my sandwiches and water bottles at the end of the track. At the house I removed the dressings to see what was going on. My heel had a large circular sore, bigger than the healing part of the dressing. Cousin’s husband, a podiatrist, snipped away the skin, doused it in iodine and applied a new thick dressing which he advised me to keep dry. He didn’t say how. My attempt to shower with a plastic bag on my foot left the dressing somewhat damp.
Even the strap of my sandals made it hurt more, so I wasn’t exactly surprised this morning when, tentatively trying my boot, I realised I couldn’t walk a step in it without pain. The chances of healing in time to join any proper walks are remote. So while the others enjoyed their first walk in the Mournes this afternoon, I walked into Newcastle, and started to make other plans. I may not be able to do as I had intended when booking this break, but there are compensations. I enjoyed my stroll around town. There are cafés, walks I can do in my sandals as well as the beach. A bus will take me into the Mournes, and I can hop on and off to enjoy different spots. I am beginning to wish I had brought my other camera.


20 thoughts on “Beside the Seaside

    • Funny you should say that, I looked at a bicycle hire place today, but I don’t think I’ll have enough time. We leave here on Friday morning. I am going to visit Uncle Bill. I had hoped to see his elder son too, but we spoke on the phone today and he is sailing around the Hebrides at the moment. Such a hard life!

  1. Sorry about your heel and having to drop out of the walk but I know how miserable it is when you have ANY kind of foot pain – especially on a long walk. However, you are finding some peaceful spots, enjoyable sights, and good photographic subjects – as you say – there ARE compensations!


    • Thanks Pam. Yes, I shall have a good time whatever, though I felt very jealous hearing the walk plans for tomorrow. I have not walked in the Mournes, and it is not an area I know, which seems strange now because Mother used to rave about them, but I shall certainly come back.

    • There are caravans here too Speccy! I found a lovely little art shop which I need to keep out of, and several cafés which bear investigation. I didn’t realise Percy French was a Newcastle man. I love the sculpture/memorial or whatever it is called.

    • I found myself browsing an estate agent’s window and salivating almost over a huge property for just over 200k. Oil central heating so ruinously expensive to keep warm and not very ‘green’. Just as well I’m not buying!

  2. Glad you are still enjoying the trip even if you aren’t doing what you planned. Sorry to hear about the injury. That doesn’t sound fun.

    • When the heavens opened I was lucky enough to be in town and headed for one of the cafés I had been recommended. It was great. If you or anyone reading is in Newcastle Co Down, head for Nicky’s. 🙂

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