A Sign

A good day. Actually, a very good day, despite getting very wet. My bag, trousers and jacket are drying in the bathroom. Whether they will all be fit for use tomorrow, I don’t know. My trousers will be, my jacket should be, but my bag is a big question mark.
Too much to write in the few minutes I have spare before dinner. So for the moment, just a sign. It’s not the best one I have seen. That was a house name for a house just above the beach. I guess the family is called Scott. The house is called Scotts on the Rocks. I also like the sadly defunct fish and chip shop called Cod Almighty.
But this bus stop intrigued and puzzled me.

Hole in the Hedge

Hole in the Hedge

As far as I could see, there was no hole in the hedge.

Holeless Hedge

Holeless Hedge

Then I looked across the road, and understanding dawned.
Hole in the Hedge

Hole in the Hedge


12 thoughts on “A Sign

  1. We’ve often talked about buses stopping at every hole in the hedge- who knew there was an actual bus stop called that? Great find, Isobel 🙂

    • I don’t know why I noticed it the first time. I have walked by it several times and kept scrutinising the hedge that runs beside it wondering if summer growth was hiding the eponymous hole. This morning I glanced across the road and the penny dropped. Great isn’t it!

    • Truly? They are very useful, especially if you need to call and find out what time the next bus is coming. The timetable has the names of the stops showing when the buses are due.

        • The two bus stops I used in Castlewellan today were called Upper Square and Lower Square. There are two squares in the town, one at the top of the hill, one halfway down…

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