Glad to Be Back

We’re both home. MasterB’s unpacking took less time than mine, but we both have gained weight in a days away. MasterB is chunky again, and I am avoiding certain clothes.
We were reunited this morning. MasterB went into operatic mode in the car, and then ‘talked’ until he fell asleep.

Home Again

Home Again

He kept an eye on me, and it was hard to leave him and go to work.
In our absence, a mother cat has taken up residence in the garden. I saw her last night, and had to feed her this morning before I could go to the cattery as she was under my car.
She reminded me of Izzy. A neighbour showed me where she has her kittens hidden. They are quite big. This is a worry as they haven’t been socialised, and may not be homeable.
Later, another neighbour told me a cat had had kittens where we found Izzy, but had disappeared after a group of people had been hanging about, possibly trying to take the kittens. We are sure it is the same family.
Is the mother Izzy’s sibling? She looks less than a year. She’s a friendly little soul, and we should be able to get her neutered and a new home. The trouble is, this is the season when people discard their pets. The shelters are full. Her future could be precarious.
She is also quite feisty. About half the size of MasterB she went up to him, hissed and made a swipe at his nose. He moved away. For the next forty minutes they kept their distance but were obviously very aware of each other. He is outside now, maybe they are pursuing their acquaintance. I haven’t heard any yowls. So fingers crossed that they at least manage to tolerate each other even if friendship isn’t on the cards.

19 thoughts on “Glad to Be Back

    • He kept climbing onto me in the night which was hot! We shall try our best for the cats. The mother should be fine, it’s the kittens that worry me if they aren’t used to people.

  1. It’s great to have them happily showing you how much you have been missed. I saw an experiment on tv recently (probably on the secret lives of cats programme) which said that cats didn’t connect with their owners like dogs do but I didn’t believe it.

    • I so agree. Both Cat and now MasterB have not been slow to show affection. Home from work this evening to a purring cat who rolled over to have a tummy rub, wanted interaction before food or going outside. Maybe it is that they don’t necessarily show signs of missing us when we are away. But I shall never forget Cat burying his head in my chest when I had left him at the Cattery longer than usual.

  2. I know MasterB is VERY happy to have you home and have HIS home as well…..wish you luck with the Mom and kits in the garden – it’s such a hard life for them and so very many others.

    Welcome home……Pam

  3. Welcome back Isobel. 🙂 Master B looks superbly comfy. My cats definitely miss us when we’re away – and this time Fat Lily had separation anxiety for about a week after we were back. She was like an inseparable little furry magnet!
    The cats’ homes here in Glos are full too. I can’t understand how people can just abandon cats. Too cruel.

    • Thanks Jan. MasterB is very tactile since I got home. He wants to be up close and personal, tucking his head under my arm, kneading my shoulder in the wee small hours…
      I reckon further studies in genetics will reveal some people Re born without the compassion for animals gene at all. Some of them will be out shooting tomorrow.

      • Nothing “glorious” about it. Just a slaughter-fest. But it does ensure the continuation of grouse as a species, apparently…

        Like Master B, Leo’s a very loving boy. Likes to be picked up for a proper cwtch 🙂

        • The trouble is all the bad shots who maim animals and condemn them to slow painful deaths. That and the destruction of other wildlife which might eat the grouse rather than let it be hunted by humans.
          We had a longish game on the stairs tonight. Having an affectionate cat gives you a very special feeling doesn’t it!

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