Upperlands Revisited

We were back in Upperlands again on Tuesday, enjoying the new café. My two cousins identified familiar faces from the photographs on the walls. It seems a really hopeful venture. Most of the people working there are volunteers. They are all ages and both sexes. The idea is to create a community asset and then, in time, open a museum about the history of Upperlands and Clark’s linen factory.

Last year I wrote, wrongly, that Clark’s had been taken over by a Welsh firm. I understand now that Clark’s works in association with that firm.
Bruce Clark commented on another post and put me right:

It’s also a nice sunny day here in the linen-making village of Upperlands which you visited last year. The flax crop (over two acres this year, eight times more than last year) is ripening nicely and in due course it will be retted, dried, scutched and spun into lovely linen yarn. Meanwhile Clarks (which has not been taken over by anybody) is still, uniquely in the world, beetling linen, ie pounding it with wooden blocks – and you can buy some at the newly opened coffee shop which also serves as a showcase of the community’s 300-year-linen legacy. We do hope you will stop by again and see for yourself that the linen tradition is alive and well and finding new outlets. all good wishes, bruce clark

I resisted the lavender bags, but it was a tug. Cousin bought the book of Upperlands sayings and spent the evening exclaiming and remembering the authors.


4 thoughts on “Upperlands Revisited

  1. I remember this post about the flax crop but forgot the place name. Glad you had a chance to visit. It sounds like a good thing for the community and beyond. It’s also made me learn much about linen!

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