Feline Godfather

MasterB has had a trying time. He has twice tried to say hello to the mother cat this evening. She is half his size. They have touched noses, and I didn’t hear what passed between them, but MasterB looked as though he had received a small electric shock. His ears went back and he moved away.
OK. I can understand she wants to protect her kittens, but if this were Cat she’d be chased right away, so I should like to see some evidence of her intelligence in understanding that MasterB is a gentle hearted soul who could be a friend.
I fed her. She plainly isn’t worried by me. MasterB alternately watched her and played with the recycling bag.
She disappeared round the corner. A few minutes later, MasterB followed. I continued to drink my wine and listened for sounds of a scuffle. I admit I rather expected the Ginger Ninja to come running back to me.

I drained my glass and went to investigate. A small bundle of black fluff scuttled by me. MasterB was close by but not chasing. Is he befriending the kittens?
I brought the remains of the food round and waited. I sat on the steps. A few minutes went by, then the kittens emerged. The mother cat must have moved them again. She is nothing if not vigilant. They sat and watched MasterB. He sat beside me.
I don’t know what triggered it, but suddenly he leapt off the steps away from the kittens and began crying. I went to look. There was nothing there. So I led him back to the garden and then home. He seems perfectly happy now, but I should love to know what he is thinking.


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